Oriental Antiques

AntiquesA lot of people clear out their attic and have no idea how valuable an item is when they give it up. You just may be able to find your Oriental antiques, golden vitrine, or Vintage Italian Steel Screen/Trellis in our shop. When it comes to home decor, we have a variety of different pieces you can look at, ranging from antique lighting, clocks, lamps, paintings, furniture, and many more.

You may be wondering why you should look at antiques in an antique furniture store for new Oriental-inspired items. People collect vintage furniture for a number of reasons. Some like to restore old items as a hobby. Others who are art history gurus think it allows them to interact with history and really see in-person what a particular item looks like rather than just reading about it in books. Others think it makes them look sophisticated and knowledgeable, like claiming he/she has an original or close replica of some important person’s item.

Still others have a more sentimental attachment, such as a vase that looks just like the one grandma had. From an interior design perspective, a vintage home decor item from an antique shop can accent and add to the beauty of your room. These are just a few reasons to consider shopping at Solomon Paris Antiques in Indianapolis, IN.

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