European Antiques

european antiquesAre you searching for exquisite European antiques from France, Sweden, |Belgium, United Kingdom and other countries in the continent? At Solomon Paris Antiques in Indianapolis, IN, we have the best European furniture pieces dating back to some of the most illustrious eras in history.

We have an extensive collection of traditional antiques and other vintage furniture in our expansive showroom. We have carefully selected each piece according to authenticity and its quality of craftsmanship and design. We are certain that you would never run out of choices when it comes to the best in top-of-the-line furniture masterpieces dating back to Europe’s glory days.

Our renowned curator and well-experienced traditional interior designer are always on standby to assist you by giving you interesting information on your chosen pieces. They would also provide you with valuable suggestions on how your chosen antique would best fit into your home’s interior design.

For inquiries about European antiques, call us today.


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